Pathways is a human services organization that spans across 40 states and Canada. PHS is renowned for providing human services to youth, adults, and their families.

At Pathways of Delaware we understand that all people struggle at times and our caring and professional staff can provide therapy for:

  • attention deficit
  •  school issues
  •  behavioral problems
  •  depression
  •  stress management
  •  grief recovery counseling
  •  divorce recovery
  •  anxiety and phobias
  •  domestic abuse
  •  sexual abuse
  •  self-esteem
  •  substance abuse
  •  emotional trauma
  •  parenting challenges and many other issues.

Pathways Of Delaware’s mission is simple: We deliver exceptional value by creating healthy communities through exceptional people working side by side.

Trauma Informed Counseling for children, adolescents and adults

Contact Us for an appointment at 302-573-5073.

couples and family therapy in a community clinic